Feb 29

Simply Saucer – Get My Thrills
Simply Saucer – I Take It
Spring and Pretender – O Senata C
Velvet Illusions – Velvet Illusions
Laurence Amavi Group – Money, That’s What I Want
Ify Jerry Krusede – Die, Die
The Comrades – Bullwalk
Faust – Meadow Meal
Faust – Miss Fortune

FEB 22

thanks to R.S.D. for lending me some CD’s, which i played
Black Angels – You on the Run
Black Angels – Science Killer
Metin H Alati – Melvana Boyle Dele
George Gronian – Big Search
Eskaton – Dagon
Gary War – Highspeed Drift
Gary War – Sold Out
Laurie Spiegel – Sediment
❤ Paper Beat Scissors ❤ – Rest Your Bones
Sun 0))) + Boris – Akuma No Kuma


Gesang Der Junglinge – Karlheinz Stockhausen
Kontakte – Karlheinz Stockhausen
? – Bennett Dobni
Galaxie 500 – Blue Thunder
Galaxie 500 – Tell Me
Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot
Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket
Ornette Coleman – Free Jazz

1.2 ‘John Cage #1’

The first of a series dedicated to John Cage:

Taken from a performance of Variations 5

Rozart Mix: for at least four musicians, at least 12 tape players and 88 tape loops. Performed by Rainer Riehn.
Indeterminacy: A series of stories read by Cage, piano and noises by Tudor.
Dream: Piano solo, performed by Stephen Drury.
Credo in US: for 4 muted gongs, 10 tin cans, electric buzzer, tom drums, radio, phonograph and piano. Performed by Mainze percussion ensemble. 
In a Landscape: Solo piano.
Four: Strings Quartet. Performed by Christina Fong and Karen Krummel. 

75 Stones, aquatint on smoked paper


Old favorites edition
The King of Denmark – Morton Feldman
Solar System – The Microphones
Mtume – Miles Davis
Gocard – Mouse on Mars
Why Are We Sleeping? – The Soft Machine
Bucephalus Bouncing Ball – Bell Orchestre
Electricity – Spiritualized 
Dote – Volcano Choir
Fancy Period – Growing


Features tracks mostly from ‘An Anthology #2’
Space Travel with Changing Choral Textures – Alan R Splet
Emily – Scanner
Quintet – Hugh Davies
Visage V – Luc Ferrari
Lathe – David Lee Meyer
Minmin – Do Make Say Think
The Landlord is Dead – Do Make Say Think
The Apartment Song – Do Make Say Think
Industrial Ambients – Laibach


Devoted this one a newly acquired copy of An Anthology of Noise + Electronic Music #1, limited edition (1000 copies), 3xLP put out by Sub Rosa.
Poéme Electronique – Edgard Varése
Concret PH – Iannis Xenakis
FTP > Bundle / Conduit – dj Spooky
One Minute – Ryoji Ikeda
Corale – Luigi and Antonio Russolo
Weekend – Walter Ruttmann
Rozart Mix – John Cage
Audience – Sonic Youth
Graz, Austria – Survival Research Laboratories October 24, 1992
Trance #2 – Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad + John Cale
Untitled #1 – Phillip Jeck, Otomo Yoshihide, Martin Tétreault